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Cocoa Beans Raw - 100.00 gm

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കൊക്കോ കുരു

कोको बीन्स

These super-high-quality, 100% organic raw cacao beans are completely raw (un-roasted) and absolutely unadulterated. This means they remain loaded with nutrition and carrying an unmistakable bitter chocolate taste. It's perfect when sweetened with natural sweeteners, added to sweet baking recipes or blended into heart-warming hot drinks. Gently roast your beans to bring out a more classic chocolate taste.

The cocoa bean also called cacao bean is native to Central America and Mexico. Cocoa trees grow in the Columbia, Venezuela and the foothills of the Andes mountains in the Amazon Basin in South America. Cocoa beans grow on a plant called Theobroma Cocoa meaning ‘food of the Gods’. Organic cocoa beans for sale are cultivated with organic fertilizers are certainly more beneficial and can be made into chocolate or mole sauce.

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