• Bay Leaf [Indian Tej Patta]

Bay Leaf [Indian Tej Patta] - 25.00 gm

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കറുവ ഇല 

तेज पत्ता

Indian Bay leaves are also known as Tej Patta which translates as ‘pungent leaf’ or Malabar leaf. They are not to be confused with the European Laurel Bay leaves more commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine! Indian Bay leaves are larger, olive green in color and have 3 veins running the length of the leaf as opposed to the single vein that is usually present on a Laurel Bay leaf. Their Latin name is Cinnamomum tamala and they are part of the Lauraceae family, yet are often referred to as the leaf of the Cassia plant.The aroma and flavor of Indian Bay leaves is strongly reminiscent of cinnamon, cloves and cassia. To obtain the utmost benefit the dried leaves should be crushed before adding to a dish.